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neueste Wechselrichter Generation von ZCS Azzurro

Das berichten zufriedene Kunden

Seit 2017 setzen wir regelmäßig Wechselrichter und Solarspeichersysteme von Zucchetti/Azzurro bei unseren Kunden ein. Unsere bisherigen Erfahrungen sind durchweg positiv. ; die Wechselrichter und Speichersysteme funktionieren bisher ohne größere Störungen und zur völligen Zufriedenheit unserer Kunden.

Zudem schätzen wir die Unterstützung durch Mitarbeiter Ihres Hauses in Bezug auf Installationen, Inbetriebnahmen, Monitoring und Störungsbeseitigung sehr, egal ob dieser Support telefonisch oder auf anderen Kommunikationswegen erfolgt oder gar durch persönliche Anwesenheit Ihrer Service-Techniker vor Ort.

Wir freuen uns auf eine weitere, erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit.

Frank Breitbart | CCO Dosol GmbH & Co.KG

Unisolar System LLC has been working with ZCS since 2017. Together we implemented over 5 MW of solar energy systems. Among recent commercial projects are:

- 2,4 MW (RIPNA PVS) with supply of 40 pcs. of ZS3-60.000TL-S5 in Khmelnytsk region, Ripna village, Zentralnastreet 1, Ukraine

- 0,56 MW (Mykulyntsi PVS) with supply of 17 pcs. of ZS3-30000TL-L-S and 1 pc. ZS3-50.000TL-S4 in Ternopil region, Mykulyntsi village, Sanatorna street 2, Ukraine.

ZCS actively took part in pv project design process providing technical consultancy, configuration options and implementation of the local grid requirements into inverter settings, translation of the important technical documents, translation of web portal and inverter display interfaces into local language.

Efficiency of the solution offered by ZCS for every single project was confirmed by stable and well performance with no failures so far.

Service and warranty support is no less important that is why ZCS provided technical support during commissioning of the pv-plant and offered one unit free of charge for every single project for quick swap replacement in case of any failure.

We experienced professional approach in every step of communication with ZCS, we are happy with inverters, flexibility ans support of ZCS which provides us confidence in the future fruitful cooperation.

Nataliia Cherniaieva | Director Unisolar System LLC

As manager and owner of ETS Gofflot Jany SPRL I have been working with the ZCS Azzurro inverters since more than 3 years.

I am very satisfied with these inverters as well as the service offered by ZCS Azzurro. I order about 500 pcs. a year and I have less than 1% of problems with these inverters.

Customers appreciate the screen and the Wifi connectivity.

The Averaldo teams are also very professional.

I recommend without hesitation ZCS Azzurro.

Kevin Gofflot | CEO ETS Gofflot Jany SPRL

We have used about 5 MW of Azzurro inverters in the last 3 years, both in single and three phase versions, in projects ranging from 3 to 50 kWp and from 500 to 700 kWp.

The Azzurro product range has proven to be very reliable with failure rates below 0,5% from the yield and the support we have received from ZCS Azzurro has always been at the highest levels for this industry whether that was related to simple telephone conversations, installation tips or commissioning of the plants.

In our activity of re-powering we have seen a very good degree of flexibility offered by the Azzurro inverters, such that even very old plants could be repowered very simply using the products from ZCS Azzurro.

Monitoring systems and documentation from ZCS are up to par with any inverter manufacturer and fully functional for the purposes they have been thought for.

We are available for any additional information you may need.

Valentino Puterio | CEO Sistemi Solari Tecnologici SRL